Pittsburgh Area ARE

We are a local chapter in the Greater Pittsburgh Area that is affiliated with-

Interest in Edgar Cayce and the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) has been plentiful in the Western Pennsylvania for over 60 years. Study Groups began meeting regularly here since 1957. In 1966, a "Council of Study Groups" was formed which began to sponsor programs on Edgar Cayce themes.
The present Team succeeded the Council in 1975. It continues to offer workshops and lectures not only for A.R.E. members but also for the general public. This local team is currently supporting programs that are coordinated through Virginia Beach Headquarters. It also supports an annual summer family picnic, and locally designed programs. The Team is also a local speakers group, available to make presentations on many topics related to the Edgar Cayce readings (Dream Interpretation, Meditation, Prayer, Spirituality, Reincarnation/Past Lives, Ancient Civilizations, Holistic Health / Healing, and much more.)

Our mission is to manifest, as a team, the energy of Oneness and to help transform lives through the Wisdom of the Cayce readings. We are making available to people the information in the Edgar Cayce readings through lectures and gatherings, and by creating spiritual community.

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Future Events

October 26, 2019 Norm Shealy, MD Blueprint for Holistic Healing
Free Parking See link for details!

Holiday Party planned December, 2019- details coming

More events planned in 2020, check back for details!