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   Gynecology Advice 

This site is dedicated to the health professionals
who need to assist with procedures
that are done in a gynecologist office.
Please do not give patients this address directly.
Details about potentially painful surgical procedures
may cause unnecessary worry.
Thank YOU!

So you have been assigned to Gyn Clinic!
       Let's Get Started.

Welcome to Gyne Clinic!

Ok, the photo above is to help you to remember:
Define what rooms you are using and check that
every room you are using has a stool, a clean lined drawer,
sufficient sheets and gowns, and a supply of both
Peterson (thin) and Graves (rounded) speculums
in a variety of sizes.
Don't forget to pop the buttons on all the door knobs
so the patient is not accidently locked into the room.

Other things you may want to consider before clinic:
Write in the patients who are expected in the Green Follow Up Book.
Are the charts of the patients coming pulled
with the latest printed progress notes for the return patients?
If not, you may have to do it. (EEK!) Get started on this early,
so you can get some lunch before clinic starts.

Also see that you have sufficient quantities of medications
ready and in good condition to use.
This may include re-moistening the monsel's paste,
checking for essential items such as acetic acid, telfa, lidocaine,
Acid for burning warts, lidocaine jelly, enough instruments gathered
for several procedures.

Coming up next are:
Setting up Pap test
Setting up Endometrial Biopsy
Setting up for Culposcopy
Setting up for Loop Excision
Instructions for Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound
Why I like nursing in gynecology clinic.

You can take the complete tour by clicking on
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clicking on the link above. Have Fun!

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