Susan Rose RN

Why would a nurse enjoy women's clinic?

This web page was created to help other nurses orient
to working in a women's health/gynecology clinic.
Although the page is only just a start,
by now I hope I have not caused you concern about
remembering all the things you should know.

There are some reasons why nurses don't like
women's clinic. To name a few reasons - being
exposed to dirty instruments, having to know alot
of procedures, being on top of the supply of instruments
and medicines needed. I know it is embarrassing to
have the doctor ask for the one thing you forgot to
bring in the room.

Hopefully, this web page will help you orient
to this clinic and help you enjoy it like I do.
What is special about women's clinic?
It gives me the opportunity to interact with patients
in a more personal way, perhaps touching them in greater times of need, embarrassment or fear. Helping comfort and empower them is a way of giving to myself. I have been them all.

At 19 I went to a Planned Parenthood for birth control.
I was afraid of getting pregnant.
So are they.

At 20 I was was helped
when I asked why I did not enjoy sex like I should.
So do they.

At 22 I had abnormal pap tests and was scared.
So are they.

At 23 I had an office surgery to remove abnormal cells.
It hurt.
So do they.

At 24 I was afraid I would never be pregnant and cried when I had a period.
So do they.

At 25 an office nurse told me I was pregnant when I called back for my urine test. I was happy.
So are they.

At 26 I had a baby and my life was changed forever.
So do they.

At 27 I had a recurrent vaginal infection.
So do they.

At 36 I had stomach pains from stress and unhappy marriage.
So do they.

At 40 I became single again, needed birth control again and needed a HIV test.
So do they.

At 41 As a single mom, I helped my daughter through her period cramps.
So do they.

At 44 I had terrible cramps and flooding periods.
I had fibroids.
So do they.

At 45 I tried a variety of natural and prescribed
hormonal solutions to fibroids
but got anemic anyway.
So can they.

At 46 I had a hysterectomy.
So do they.

At 47 I feel GREAT! I look at my mother who has
osteoporosis and wonder... will it be me?
So do they.

The story of course is not over,
it is the story of many women, it is my story.
As I help you, I help myself.
It is the best I can do.
When you see yourself in women's clinic,
it will be a joy to work in it.
Your patients will strengthen you.

Best wishes to all nurses.

I would love hearing from you.