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Pap Test Table

Click on photo for more about thin prep

Please set out non-latex gloves if your doctor or patient is alleric to latex.
Set out at least 4 gloves for the MD and the student.
You might want to keep a couple pairs for yourself
in your pocket, since the glove box is on the wall
that will be out of your reach.

Notice there is a plastic spatula next to the brush.
Some of the doctors and practitioners perfer the broom.
To make everyone happy, I try to stock a dozen specimin bags
filled with a pap test history form,
brush, a broom, a plastic spatula, a thin prep,
a vaginal culturette and 2 surgilube packets in every room. That way,
if the person doing the pap is unassisted, everything is
gathered without looking for all the things that are needed.
Note a pencil is not needed. A pen works better on the label.
Remember that the name and ss# need to be written on the label.

The label printer can be used, but why risk mixing the
specimins if you leave the room without the name on it?
After an order is placed in the computer, ususally after
the exam, you can retrive the printed label to match and place on the test.

Since you will be assisting with the pap test,
make sure you are ready to mix, stir, and scrape the brush
along the inner sides of the pap test bottle.
Those cells can react to the fixative and be hard to
shake off without vigorous attention!

If the older style pap test history form is submitted,
try to get the pap test performer to write it in,
or try to remember the information yourself.

If the pap test is entered in the computer,
and you used the computerized label, the our lab will
print the history form from our computer to send with the test.
Little Rock ARK VA lab does all our pap tests and needs paper copy
of the woman's history - (age, prenancies, previous abnomal tests, etc.).

Note the the picture does not show a stool card and developer.
Please set that on the table, as the stool will often be
checked as well for women over 50 years old.

If you get good at predicting who is getting a pap,
it is nice to run the water in the room
before you need it to wet the speculum.
Otherwise you will be there for what seems like
ages for the water to get warm.

Here is some suggested instruction about
what may happen after an abnormal pap test result.
This is to help the nurse answer questions that may come up.
Since the doctor or practicioner you are working for may have
other ideas about the wording of this, please do not
print it for hand out to a patient directly.

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