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If you need a Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound:

1. Your doctor places the order in the computer with the reason why. It is a painless test that is usually ordered to measure the uterine lining, see ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids.

2. After you check out from the blue team, proceed to the Radiology Scheduling office so that you can make the appointment. Generally, ultrasounds are done on Friday mornings. The Radiology Scheduling office is on the first floor, in the X-Ray Department Room 1A127. The hours are from 8 - 3:45. If you must leave before scheduling, or if your appointment ends after the office is closed please call 412-688-6000 ext 5288 or ext 5289.

3. Please make sure your ultrasound will be completed before your next visit with either your women's clinic or gynecology clinic appointment. If you need help with coordinating the date, please ask your ordering physician or gynecology nurse for help with this.

4. The radiologist asks that you do not eat after midnight since a very full colon may obscure the imaging. You can drink clear liquids the morning of the exam.

5. One hour before your appointment drink 32 ounces of water, (the amount of water looks like a one liter bottle.)

6. Please do not urinate after drinking this fluid, since you will need a full bladder to begin the test. Part of the way through the test, the technologist will assist you to the bathroom.

7. Your results will be explained by your PCP or during your gynecology visit.